Philosophy (Aristotle)

Based on pages 1-9, write a detailed summary about the Philosopher Aristotle. (College paper for Philosophy)

Essay word count: minimum word count (1200) maximum word count (1500). No additional citations/sources besides pages 1-9.

Strategic Management

No outside source needed, no citation needed. 

Please read all 3 files (1 for instruction, 1 for case questions, and the case study) 
3 to 4 pages (single space) including charts and graph, so no need to write 3 pages full of text.

SEC 703

One obstacle to effective code application and enforcement is the lack of understanding of the true importance of or reason for any given code requirement by building department personnel. Mistakes are made or critical requirements are overlooked leading to unsafe conditions. One solution is to enable building department personnel to understand the concepts of being facilitators rather than regulators.
1) How would you relate the perspective of building department personnel being code facilitators rather than code enforcers to overcoming this significant obstacle?
2) Why do you feel this is a positive concept in avoiding unsafe conditions?