causes of poverty

please follow the instructions 

Many of our clients are “poor,” they do not earnenough money to meet their needs.  Some are recipients of public benefits.

Please discuss what you feel to be the causes ofpoverty (we don’t need a definition of poverty or the consequencesof being poor, just the reasons you believe that poverty exists inour society) This isn’t a research paper; I’m interested in hearing yourown thoughts on the topic.

Must be at least 2 pages double spaced and in yourown words. No research please  

PSCI 258 – Asia in the Global Economy: Geopolitics

Gary Hamilton, Remaking the Global Economy: U.S. Retailers and Asian Manufacturers, Congressional hearing on China and the Future of Globalization, May19-20 2005.

What drove the several phases of US outsourcing to Asia since the 1960s? Discuss both economic and geopolitical factors.

No more than one page. 

Degaussing Storage Media

Degaussing Storage Media

Permanently destroying files on storage media is recommended when donating or selling a computer. Federal laws have imposed strict requirements and penalties for data security, particularly regarding health and insurance records and credit transactions. While procedures exist to restore deleted files or erased media, often companies and individuals truly desire that the data never can be recovered. Sensitive medical and financial information, in particular, should be erased so that savvy criminals and digital forensics examiners cannot recover deleted files. The U.S. Department of Defense and the National Security Agency set standards for sanitizing magnetic media and specify that degaussing, or demagnetizing, is the preferred method in lieu of permanently destroying the storage medium.

Discussion questions: 

What types of degaussers are available? 

How do they wipe a drives contents? 

What length of time is required to degauss a drive? 

Some companies offer degaussing services. What procedures do they use to ensure secure practices

The Chicago School

Write a paper detailing the Chicago School (beginning with Albion Small) and the Social Disorganization
Theory (Park & Burgess, McKay & Shaw, etc.). You may refer to only scholarly peer-reviewed and credible sources from websites such as google scholar, and galileo as well. All sources must be properly cited. Please Use ASA when       writing and citing materials. Please talk about the history of the Chicago School and be very thorough.